The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started in 2014, soon going viral across social media. The challenge involves having a bucket of ice water poured over your head in a bid to promote awareness of ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease. The idea behind the challenge is to encourage people to donate towards research of the disease and it is a worldwide challenge.

In the UK, the charity selected is MND, or the Motor Neurone Disease Association, again as a way of raising awareness and money towards research. To participate in the challenge for MND, nominated persons must have a bucket of ice water poured over them and be filmed doing it. They must then challenge someone else to do the same. It is commonly  accepted that a nominated person has 24 hours in which to complete the challenge or forfeit, paying a predefined amount to the charity.

The Rules

The rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge are that, within a 24-hour period of being nominated, the participant must announce that they accept the challenge. They are then filmed, in continuous footage, putting ice into the bucket before having it lifted and poured over their head.  That participant may then challenge others to do the same.

Participants have the option of accepting the challenge, donating to the charity anyway or doing both. There are variations of the challenge; in one, participants are asked to donate $10 if they complete the challenge but, if they forfeit the suggested sum is $100.

How to Donate

You do not have to do the Ice Bucket Challenge to donate to any of the charities. The US ALS Association has its own page for donationsand people have the option of holding their own fundraiser, some kind of sponsored event or they can even donate their car to ALS.

In the UK, the Motor Neurone Disease Association will take any donations through its website and they also have a Just Giving page too.

Also. Macmillan Cancer Support Charity has also begun its own Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for cancer support instead.